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My name is Alexander Jones

Each day I type about a thousand words about what I love,  Comic Books. This amusing blend of pictures and words is something that absolutely fascinates me. I want to share my creation and professional analysis of Comic Books with all who are curious.  Past the break is my blog, which takes a look at what is on my mind in the modern nerd world.

Have you met my British/Canadian/German Mutant/Superhero friends? 

It is a beautiful thing to see the comic book industry let a writer come up with a new spin on something commonplace. This notion of publishing smaller weirder titles is what has led the characters and properties at DC Entertainment to survive so long. A specific example of this creative genius, is the Knight And Squire title from 2010. Two British friends of Batman were able to a get a series all their own. The piece written by Paul Cornell was an exploration of the United Kingdom lifestyle of a superhero. It was completely enthralling with wild ideas like a superhero bar and a british version of the Joker prominently featured. This morning the announcement of the Justice League Of Canada hit the internet in a fury. It is going to be written by the one and only Canadian comic book writer, Jeff Lemire. The scribe has brought a different sensibility towards modern superhero comic books hitting many inspired character moments. Bringing those themes to a Justice League title is the most interesting thing to hit DC Comics since the aforementioned Cornell series. The title will reunite some main stayers of the team who happen to be Canadian, such as Adam Strange and a brand new hero created just for the team. Check out the announcement here, and check out this new spin on an idea that is 50 plus years young.

In the theme of internationally traveling, a character over at  Marvel comes to mind. Someone who is in fact one of the few German superheroes! Kurt Wagner better known as Nightcrawler is a devout Roman Catholic that struggles with his religion and superhero career. The character was recently unceremoniously obliterated in the recent Second Coming event at Marvel. In Wolverine Weapon X #16, the little known Canadian mutant Wolverine pays his respect to Nightcrawler by fulfilling his last rights. The odd request happens to be that Wagner wants Wolverine to hand deliver a $20,000 concert grand piano to a Venezuelan church all the way on top off a giant mountain. The issue made me appreciate two foreign X-Men that I had no interest in prior to reading. It is one of those short stories that you will never forget, and made it all the more appropriate to announce the rebirth of Nightcrawler. The resurrection of the character in the upcoming Amazing X-Men monthly publication from Marvel Comics. While the market is flooded with more X-Books than one can possibly handle, these two partners in crime share a special bond unlike anything else in comics history. Enjoy the first cover for the beautifully drawn Ed McGuiness story over at ComicBookNewsUK, also keep your eyes peeled for one more book about the X-Men.

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